Bambi Hoffman VanBurch

What is AddThis?

It was at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL where Bambi was obtaining her BS in Social Work that a casual walk ended up changing her life forever. Born to Robert and Elaine Hoffman of Peoria, IL, Bambi was the younger of two girls her sister Shannon is the oldest. Taking dance classes since she was five years old, she continued her love for the art as Captain of her high school dance team. Performing at the Rose Bowl in Orlando, FL and the Citrus Bowl were highlights of her dance career. Moving on to college, Bambi placed her love for dance on the back burner and turned her love for people to a career in helping them. A member of Alpha Sigma Tau, she worked hard creating fundraisers and support facilities for The Boys & Girls Club and the area’s Homeless Shelter.

Walking to class one fine spring day, she passed a well-attended local dance studio. Signing up for a ballet class on impulse, she was hoping for a distraction from all of her more serious studies. What she found was the art of danceat a college level fanned a flame that still flickered deep. So strong was that passion she ended majoring in both Social Work and Dance. After graduation, a chance trip to Branson to visit her newly relocated parents brought her to the stage of one of Branson’s premiere shows.

Auditioning for The Kirby VanBurch Show’s dance captain, she became the newest member of his show in 2001. Meeting Kirby for the first time during his arrival at the Springfield-Branson Airport was a fateful chance for both.

Married in Key West in September of 2002, the VanBurch’s remain joined in matrimony as well as in their unusual and award winning show.

"My wife is truly amazing. A magic show isn’t easy to produce, and the world’s largest magic show comes with the world’s largest challenges - lighting, choreography, overall staging, and my wife’s talent and instincts are right-on. For our 2006 show, Bambi has added several all-new illusions. She performs and produces!" states VanBurch.

Bambi VanBurch is now at home on stage using the entire God given talents she has honed - the love of people, dance, and Kirby! She also has organized and produced a new Christian effort just for women - A Bible Study group at the Jim and Lori Bakker Show every Monday at 5:30 - 7:30.